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Bad. Ass. Mo. Fo.

Adele, live.

And seriously,  no one has anything to say about my whale joke?  That was an awesome whale joke, blogosphere.  If you can’t show a bit of appreciation for a good whale joke, then no more whale jokes for you.  That’ll learn you.

But listen:

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A sock on his thing

The boys and their friends are watching music videos on YouTube,  our neighbor Dylon pulling up videos of the songs he’s recently learned to play on his guitar.

“We should start a band!  Can I learn to play the drums?”  Matt asks me.  “I’ll be the drummer!”

“No,” says Riley, “I want the drums!  Then I can dress like the drummer in the Red Hot Chili Peppers!”

Huh.  As far as I know the drummer for the Chili Peppers dresses normally.  But, I also know how very impressed Riley was to learn that the Chili Peppers have performed live wearing practically nothing.  He’s also impressed by No Doubt’s drummer, who often wears faux fur thongs while performing.  I wonder if these rock legends (perhaps mixed with thoughts of Animal from The Muppet Show),  have combined in his mind to create one Super Badass Drummer who wears….not much.  Whatever the image in his mind,  it’s impressive enough to make him think drums are the only way to go.

“OK,”  Matt agrees, “I’ll be the bass player then,  but who’ll sing ‘shoop, shoop’ in the background?”

“We need girls for that.”  Dylon says this with authority.  He knows what it takes to make a good band, man.

“Oh!” I say, “Miss Jill and I can be the ‘shoop, shoop” girls!”  I demonstrate my best hip swaying, slightly bored-looking shoop, shoop.  It’s pretty impressive.

Riley agrees to Jill and I being the shoop, shoop girls, with one caveat: “But you and Miss Jill can’t dress sexy, because that would just be weird.”

“Honey, Miss Jill and I can’t help our innate sexiness, and you just have to accept it.  And no one would even know we were your mothers!”

“Yes they would!  Because when I’m drumming all I’ll wear is a sock on my thing, and if you’re there you’ll say, Riley Stein! Put on some pants! That’s inappropriate!  You can’t wear a sock on your thing!”

“That’s what I’d say about you wearing a sock on your thing?” I ask.

“Yeah,” says Ri. “You wouldn’t like it.”

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Sunday videos

Penn State in the late 80’s:   Boys with blazers over t-shirts and carefully cultivated stubble.  Girls with hair as big as was physically possible and pegged jeans.    Stickies at the Diner, fraternity parties, the house on Pugh Street, a superb bar-to-block ratio.

Dancing on tables to this song (others, of course, not me).  I covet Kate’s fringy red outfit.  If you’re not a bit tacky, are you really having enough fun?

Erggh.  Blind Man’s Zoo, and you couldn’t get away from the Maniacs.  I didn’t know why at the time, but Natalie Merchant got on my last nerve.   Among other things, I just wanted her to stop singing like that.   Kill me now.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Why you so fly?

I happen to know a certain fraternity played this song for hours as a method of hazing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And inexplicably, every Theta Chi party would end with this old Meatloaf song:




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The Black Keys

I finally succumbed to the germ warfare being waged around me, and got good and sick this week. I’m behind, behind, behind, and working today to catch up on orders.   I have a lovely cup of tea in hand, I’ve loaded a new playlist and turned up the volume, and here I go…..

This is one of the songs on my list.  The Black Keys, “I’ll Be Your Man.”

 When the song first came out, in 2002, singer Dan Auerbach was just so cute.  In that quiet, sexy-smart, skinny guy kind of way, you know?  BUT THEN!  He grew an insane beard and long hair, and now looks like a cross between Chris Robinson and Grizzly Adams.  Which, who knows?  Might have been what he was going for.  That’s just a lot of stuff growing out of your head. Now, I kinda like long hair on men (sort of, sometimes), but big shrubby beards that make me think of lice combs?  Oh, honey, no.   



Dan, left.  Pre-hirsuteness
Dan, left. Pre-hirsuteness


 See?  Aren’t you all like, “Ohhh, Dan.  I wish you were my man?”



Dan, right.  No, Dan, no.
Dan, right. No, Dan, no.

But now?  It’s more like, “Ohhh Dan.  Have you deloused lately?  Because you should.” 


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Etta and the earthworms

Two things this morning, my ducklings, before I get to work.

First, this is Etta James singing “Don’t Lose Your Good Thing.”    Argh, this song just makes me ache.   By 1:55 I’m getting shivers.   Mm hmm, baby,   I’m talking to you.

And then…  This morning as I got my boys ready for school, I noticed dead earthworms littered all around my downstairs.  I must have picked up over a dozen squishy, dead, linty earthworms.  Matt, my nine year old, had already caught the bus, so I asked Riley if he had any ideas about the worms.

“Oh yeah, that was Matt.  They were falling out of his clothes.”  And then he, too, ran for his bus.

Huh.   Any ideas?