Monster time!

Monsterbling time!  Yes, yes, I know.  I haven’t posted pics of the pendant, and I will.  Cripes.  Nagging naggers. For those of you riddled with self-doubt, let me go all Art Mommy on you for a moment. Ready?  Close your eyes and picture me holding a plate of brownies and wearing an apron.  In person … Continue reading Monster time!

New Ruby pendant

Look!  Look at the new pretty! A 1.52 ct  SI Ruby, set in a slightly Etruscan-looking handforged setting. I’m not sure “Ruby” should be capitalized, but I’ve decided that’s how we’re going to roll at Vaka Design.  Rubies deserve it. Beautiful Rubies glow.  That, with their color, is what they are prized for (is there … Continue reading New Ruby pendant

Let’s look at my mess

One of my professors (OK, I dated him, too, if I’m being honest) once told me that the only difference between established artists and student artists is the amount of failures they have behind them.  I must have been having a moment, because his pep-talk also included comments on how we are only learning when we’re … Continue reading Let’s look at my mess

Silver, again.

Actually, I’m going to talk about gold, too.  But, my goodness, all I had to do was say the word “silver,” and everyone had a jewelry orgasm on the spot, now didn’t you?  I think you’re better than that. OK. I hear you. Do you have any idea how many hits that last post had, and … Continue reading Silver, again.