Opals: who knew?

I’ve never been the slightest bit interested in working with opals.    The hue of old milk with bits of anemic color feebly attempting to glimmer through?  Petrified yak snot would probably be more interesting. But recently a client asked me to design a pendant with opal, and so I went researching, hoping to come up … Continue reading Opals: who knew?

Amber Seaglass Ring

Another new piece, and I’m reworking the Teletubbytourmaline pendant. And also!  Also!  My mom has started giving me Christmas presents because it is October, after all.  I asked for a round bezel punch set for Christmas, and so I’ve received a round and a square bezel punch set now!   It’s like magic! You may leave your … Continue reading Amber Seaglass Ring

Rose cut diamond ring

Pretty, sparkly, shiny, new.  This is what I’ve done with this diamond. The biggest issue in photographing jewelry is the difficulty of capturing the true tones and textures of such highly reflective and refractive surfaces.  The wrong light can make it impossible! I photographed this piece in the morning light, which often makes things look … Continue reading Rose cut diamond ring