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Wucius Wong Wang Wuxie

One of my favorite things about Valerie and her husband, Jim, is their curiosity.  Everything peeks their interest.  Perhaps it’s because they are both geographers, and geography, at its most basic level, is the study of the world, its systems, and its phenomena. Val and Jim are professionally curious.

It didn’t surprise me when Jim returned from a recent business trip, excited about a work he had seen in Hong Kong. Jim took this picture of the piece with his cell phone camera:

detail of lower right corner

We searched and searched,  and while we found other works in Wong’s “Valley of the Heart series,” we never tracked down this piece.   Information on Wucius Wong, one of China’s greatest living artists, was hard to find.  I blame China.   Because if there is one thing I’ve learned from my children, it’s that pinpointing who is at fault and assigning blame is very, very important.

Wucius Wong is Chinese, and was born in 1936.  He has lived in the United States and Hong Kong, and his works are sprinkled in collections and museums around the world.  In addition to painting he is a graphic designer, and has published several books on design.  In Pinyin, his name is Wang Wuxie.   He is a very, very big deal.

Let’s look at the work of Wucius Wong / Wang Wuxie, shall we?

Because it worked so well before, I won’t say a word.  I won’t explain, or tell you of the artist’s intent.  I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Deep in the Mountains, 2005. Ink and color on paper, 79 x 79 cm.
Deep in the Mountains no.6, 2005. Ink on paper, 92 x 93 cm.
Converging Waters no. 2 , 2002. Mixed media on synthetic fabric, 83 x 180 cm
Valley of the Heart no. 9, 1998. Ink and color on paper 94 x 213 cm.
Waterfall Dream no. 1, 2000. Mixed media on paper, 66 x 68 cm
Waterfall Dream no. 2, 2001. Mixed media and collage on paper, 74 x 57 cm.
Water Melody no. 5, 2008. Ink and color on paper, 82 x 123 cm.
The artist at work: Wucius Wong.