Today in the studio

Working on this painting (below),  listening to this,  headed to Mass at 12:15. This afternoon I’ll finish some custom pieces, and maybe post photos of how the painting is progressing.  Maybe, blogosphere.  I promise you nothing. I’ve temporarily given up on the last painting (here, here, and here… see the problem?). Sometimes a painting flies … Continue reading Today in the studio

Naming the baby

The process of painting is a lot like naming a baby. Some people have the name all picked out before the baby is born.  The baby WILL BE Joseph Jumping-Geranium Smith.  There is no wiggle room.  Everyone will be told far before the due date of the baby-to-be’s name, and when Joseph Jumping-Geranium is born, … Continue reading Naming the baby

Isn’t that pretty?

Blogosphere, where is my camera? I need it.   I have something pretty to show you today.  Something silver, if you can believe it. Here. I’ll describe it, which is almost as good as a photograph, but not really. A chunky silver ring, set with a beautiful, glowy piece of lime-green Maine seaglass.  At the … Continue reading Isn’t that pretty?