Vacuum packed

I’m working on dinner when,  from the living room,  I hear the vacuum cleaner being turned on and off, on and off, punctuated by raucous laughter.   Vacuuming should not be this much fun.  Huh.  Are they giving themselves hickies again? No, they are not.  I walk into the living room to see Matt getting into … Continue reading Vacuum packed

Spit my flow

“Mom, I’m gonna download an explicit song on iTunes, is that ok?” I appreciate Jake asking.  At eighteen, I’m not worried about the choices he makes in music, but we only have one computer and he knows that whatever he downloads is available to my two younger boys, too. “What is it,” I ask, “is it … Continue reading Spit my flow

That’s not nice

Last night I had a call which unsettled me. At 11:45 my cell rang several times, and then my house phone started to ring.  Late night phone calls are rarely good, and someone was really trying to get to me; caller ID told me it was a long-gone ex-boyfriend.  Knowing the nature of his calls I always … Continue reading That’s not nice

Puppy kickers!

Hey, look at this.  Are you looking? I’ve been wanting to create a casual summer pendant;  the kind of thing you can throw on with a pair of shorts or a fluttery silk dress, and I think we’ve done it, Watson. Blogosphere, meet the Reversible Petal Pendant.  Petal Pendant, blogosphere. I’ve forged a piece of 14k … Continue reading Puppy kickers!

Killer Tai Chi

I picked Jake up early from school to take him to his orthodontist appointment, and on the way we stopped by the soccer fields to find a sweatshirt Matt had left there the night before. The fields were deserted except for one man doing….something.   He was running, bent at the waist into a ninety degree angle … Continue reading Killer Tai Chi

A coyote ate my head

My head is busy at the best of times.  For years I’ve used exercise to slow down the energy coursing through my brain, and meditation to help clear the collisions from the tracks of my mind so that all my trains of thought can be righted from where they’ve spectacularly derailed. Throw in a wonderful-but-slightly-overwhelming amount … Continue reading A coyote ate my head