I like liberty!

“Why don’t you guys come up for dinner?”  Karen asks. “Oh, that would be great, ” I say.  Karen’s Dad is in town, and it will be nice to see him. ” What can I bring?” “A ring.  You can bring a ring. ” says Karen.  “A solid gold ring, with the Bells of Canterbury … Continue reading I like liberty!

Lara Logan

I have a girl-crush on Lara Logan. I have for ages. Growing up, it never occurred to me that I might ever be limited by my gender.  I was a Title IX girl, raised by a mother and father who were the type of people who firmly believed in such things, and I don’t ever … Continue reading Lara Logan

Today in the studio

Working on this painting (below),  listening to this,  headed to Mass at 12:15. This afternoon I’ll finish some custom pieces, and maybe post photos of how the painting is progressing.  Maybe, blogosphere.  I promise you nothing. I’ve temporarily given up on the last painting (here, here, and here… see the problem?). Sometimes a painting flies … Continue reading Today in the studio

Sea Creatures

We’re headed north today, and there’s no time to post.  I have so much to do.   Gag and bind the children and tie them to the roof of the car, drug the dog….. There’s no end to my travel preparations, is there? Karen will be caring for The Damn Cat.  Bless her.  We were … Continue reading Sea Creatures

Well, he told them

Crazy-hair scientist guy sets the record straight. One point on which I disagree:  Crazy-hair science guy says that were the trophy made of 24k gold, it would bend in half when lifted.   No, no, no, crazy-hair science guy!  Lifting it would not cause it to bend, but it would bend more easily under pressure. … Continue reading Well, he told them