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A day’s work

Hello, my darlings!  How was everyone’s day, today?

I had a wonderful day, because I now have air conditioning in my studio!  It was lovely and cool in my fortress of solitude, and the new air conditioner emits a slight hum which blocks the sound of the children’s voices.  I did NOT die of heat stroke, and I also did not have to listen to most of today’s heated sibling debate: who would most own the dog we are not getting.  They were arguing about a THEORETICAL dog, while our perfectly good real dog lay nearby, ignored. I really love them.

And while I was in the cool, quiet studio, I made this: 


I’ll finish up the setting and set the garnet tomorrow morning, and then I will show you the finished piece!


5 thoughts on “A day’s work

  1. Like it already (you may have invented a new category – a beautiful setting without a stone)…and your commentary, which is instructive and hilarious. If this isn’t as good as or better than (this is America – we MUST compete!) Julie’s “My Year of Cooking Dangerously” – your Years of Smithing Dangerously – then the catchers of movie idea pitchers are off their game. I recommend a blue heeler when you get your dog 😉

    1. We are SO not getting a dog…yet. Last year, I bought Jake an “almost full-grown, 50lb, black lab mix.” I wasn’t there when he picked her out, or I would have told him that the “almost full grown” mutt was a 5-6 month old pure lab. She’s now 87 pounds of sweetness, and all the dog this house needs! She’ll move out with Jake when he leaves, and THEN we will adopt another!

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