Fancy Shmancy Diamond Earrings

5 thoughts on “Fancy Shmancy Diamond Earrings”

  1. I’m just about to try my first cuttlefish casting project. I want to make just a little pair of silver studs. Can you please advise whether I can carve the two round disks into the one piece of cuttlefish, side by side & if so, do I have to make a channel between them for the silver to flow from one to the other? Or do I have to do the whole process twice?
    I’m not sure whether to make a funnel & pour from the top of the two pieces of cuttlefish tied together, or lie them flat & drill a hole through the hard side of the bone, above the carving? Would appreciate you’re advice if you’re willing to share.
    Thanks, kylie

    1. Hi Kylie!

      I’m probably too late with your answer, but I’ll give you one in case you haven’t gotten your casting to work. Two impressions connected by a channel will probably not work, for many different metallurgic reasons. What will work BETTER is this: make two separate impressions, each with venting and a sprue channel. The two sprue channels should angle in to become one wider sprue. Carve a funnel in the top (two halves bound together). Recap from top down: Funnel, pencil-sized sprue, pencil-sized sprue divided into two smaller sprues (make them short!), two separate impressions with venting. What will work BEST is to do them as two separate pieces! If you have any other process questions, feel free to email me at You’ll get an answer much sooner! Happy casting!

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