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And now for some new pretties

But, before we get to the pretties, I suppose I need to tie up loose ends. Ready? 


OK. We good? Alright then, do you want to see the new pretties?  I’ve tried to keep things simple while I let my hands and brain remember their jobs.  I’ve also made some SILVER pieces!  I should get a sticker for being such a good sport and making a new friend of silver. 







Starting over is scary and happy and exciting.  Well, it was more scary than exciting until I sold that ruby ring within a week of listing it.  Now it is much less scary.  

I was foolish when I stopped working 2+ years ago, and shut down the Etsy site.  Sadly, I couldn’t get the name back.  You’ll find me under Vakastudio on Etsy, and these will soon be listed on my regular site:

And now I must stop uploading images and go make dinner. 

Cinderelly, Cinderelly!

Make the jewelry, Cinderelly!

Feed the children, Cinderelly!


7 thoughts on “And now for some new pretties

  1. Welcome back! I actually checked in here periodically to just see if you were around. So glad your family is well and…growing!!!! Your work is beautiful.

  2. You’re back! Yay! And what news you have. I confess I’m personally interested in the combining families story, since that’s relevant to my own life, but LOOK at those creations. I love your work. So glad to see it again.

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