I love emeralds

To view beautiful emeralds is to fall in love. If someone said to me, “Katie, if you could make for yourself ANY piece of jewelry –regardless of cost– what would it be?” Go on, ask me. I would, my inquisitive friends,  make myself a big ole’ emerald ring.  I’d get an enormous emerald-cut stone (big … Continue reading I love emeralds

Look at what I made!

Look!  I’m quite pleased.  4.18 ct pyrope-almandine garnet in a handforged, granulated 18k setting.  Sometimes a photograph spotlights tiny trouble spots better than one’s own eye can, and from this photo I see that the inner edge of the bezel needs burnishing a bit.  I’ll do that tomorrow. Today, I ALSO made an emerald ring. … Continue reading Look at what I made!

A day’s work

Hello, my darlings!  How was everyone’s day, today? I had a wonderful day, because I now have air conditioning in my studio!  It was lovely and cool in my fortress of solitude, and the new air conditioner emits a slight hum which blocks the sound of the children’s voices.  I did NOT die of heat … Continue reading A day’s work