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I like liberty!

“Why don’t you guys come up for dinner?”  Karen asks.

“Oh, that would be great, ” I say.  Karen’s Dad is in town, and it will be nice to see him. ” What can I bring?”

“A ring.  You can bring a ring. ” says Karen.  “A solid gold ring, with the Bells of Canterbury on it.”

“Piece of cake,” I say.

“And I want the bells LIFE SIZED–“

“Oh honey, I was going to run to Canterbury to get you the ACTUAL bells, and mount them right on the ring for you.”

“Well,” says Karen, “that would be nice!”

I am thoughtful when designing my pretend, ridiculous jewelry.

“Or!” I say,  “Or!  Maybe the Liberty Bell, instead?  It’s closer.”

“Ohhh, I like liberty,” says Karen.

“OK, then.  I’ll go get the Liberty Bell, and I’ll mount it on a ring for you and bring it to dinner.  Anything else?”

“Yes,” says Karen, “I want the word ‘LIBERTY’ written on the ring.  On the outside.”

“No problem.  In big letters?”

“Yes, an inch high.  And, I’d also like the poem from The Statue Of Liberty inscribed on the inside of the ring.”

“The ‘bring us your poor, your huddled masses‘ poem?”  I ask.   I need to be clear about what poem it is that I’m inscribing.

“Yes.  That one.  The whole poem.  On the inside.”

“Sure!  I can totally do that!  Anything else?”

“I want all the ‘i ‘s’ dotted.  With diamonds.”

“OK.  So.   Gold, Liberty Bell, the word ‘LIBERTY,’ the huddled masses poem, diamonds for the dots over the ‘i ‘s’, by dinnertime tonight. Is that all?”

“Yes,” says Karen.  “And I’d like you to deliver it on a white horse.”

“Naked, a la Lady Godiva?”

“Yes.”  Says Karen.

“And your price range?  What’s your budget?”

“Five dollars.”

I think that’s fair.



6 thoughts on “I like liberty!

  1. Honey, sweetie, are you on the drugs again? We’ve noticed you only live in places with legalized cannabis, so it’s a fair question.

    I said the Statue of Liberty! You may apologize now.

    Karen wants the Liberty Bell AND the poem from the Statue of Liberty AND the word ‘LIBERTY.’ It’s a theme piece.

    And I totally know where NYC is, in case you were wondering.

    1. Yes, I have strong feelings about the subject of liberty. In fact, could you also create a working music box attached to the ring that would play “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee” every time I stand up or sit down? Remember my ring size is a 2.

  2. Honey, sweetie, you are so . . .you know the rest. Oops, that poem is on the STATUE OF LIBERTY not on the LIBERTY BELL!!!!!! “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free.” You know, Ellis Island and all that? Could you add Lady Liberty to Karen’s ring? Given that you’d have to go to NYC, could you still keep the price to $5? 😉

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