Personal Entries

Waiting quietly

“You’re like a hummingbird,” Karen told me, years ago, “and the rest of the world is made of starfish.”

She’s right, of course.  And others have, unprompted,  made the same comparison: I’m like a hummingbird.

My mind goes a million miles a minute as I zip about in different directions.  A million miles a minute, all the time, except when I’m asleep.  Being on turbo, my mind plays with every thought, every idea, every feeling, exploring it until it comes to its natural conclusion, quickly.   But thoughts, ideas, and feelings usually affect other people–starfish– at a much slower pace.  Left alone, they often come to the same conclusion as I did, just a bit later.

But, it’s the waiting.  I’m not good at the waiting.  I’m not good at sitting on my hands while others puzzle through at their own pace.  FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, can’t we just GET THERE?  CAN’T YOU SEE IT?

And in my impatience, I have trouble staying silent, waiting quietly, and in a way that lets life unfold as it would if I would just……wait quietly.


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