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Two Whales

Sam and Mary–two whales–are swimming through the ocean when they spot a boat on the horizon.

“Oh no, ”  says Sam, ” we’re in trouble!”

“What is it, ” says Mary, “whatsa matter?”

“That ship is a whaler,” says Sam, “and if we don’t do something they’ll harpoon us and kill us!”

“Oh Sam, no!” Says Mary, “What will we do?”

“Stay calm, Mary!  What we’ll do is this:  we’ll swim up underneath that boat, and we’ll blow out of our blowholes, again and again, until we capsize it!”

Mary agrees, and off they go.  They swim right up under the boat, and blow and blow until the boat flips, sending all the sailors into the ocean.

“Whew,” says Mary, “we’re safe!”

“No,” Sam says, “look on the horizon!  It’s another boat!  They’ll save the sailors, and then they’ll come after us!”

“Sam,” says Mary, “What’ll we do?!”

“We need to go scoop those sailors up out of the water and eat them, Mary,  and then they can’t chase us!”

“No way, Sam!” Says Mary. “You talked me into the blowjob, but you’re crazy if you think I’m going to swallow the seamen!”



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