This thing can’t sing

Thing, thing. This thing can’t sing.

Song, long.  A long, long song.

Reverse. 36 x 51 inches, acrylic on paper

This started off even more monochromatic, and I really wanted to love it.  I did.  I wanted to love it in the way a kindergarten teacher really wants to love all the wee little children, but just can’t warm up to that one prickly five-year-old who never smiles and never has anything nice to say.

I loved the more monochromatic version in theory, but it was just so cold.  So, I’ve added color, removed color….added and removed AGAIN, and this is where I am right now.  I want to love it, but it still doesn’t sing for me. Now it’s stuck in the middle, it feels anemic and chilled, and I desperately want to give it a warm blanky, a nice cup of tea, and a place by the fire.

Back to the studio it goes.

And it really doesn’t help that my camera just…well, my camera is useless.


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