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The boy. He rocks so hard.

Photo by Buren Foster, one of the team’s Dads.

I love my Riley.

Sometimes I’m a bit overwhelmed by the demands  the boys’ soccer puts upon me,  but then I see pictures like this one taken at last weekend’s tournament.

My boys go full-throttle, caution-to-the-wind, go-big-or-go-home, and I admire them for it.

How could I not go the extra mile to let them do something that makes them feel like this?  Because this?  This must feel pretty awesome.


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2 thoughts on “The boy. He rocks so hard.

  1. What a great photo! Frame worthy. I think it’s great when young kids can participate in sports – IF – the parents don’t get obsessed by it and make winning more important than the game. And if the kids are playing because they want to, not because mom or dad want them to.

    1. “the parents don’t get obsessed by it”

      The boys and I have talked about this, because they used to be a bit hurt that I wasn’t SUPER INTO every practice, and every game; that I hadn’t watched them every single minute they were on the field. I’ve pointed out to them that I don’t expect them to watch and cheer me on every minute while I work out and pursue my interests! Now, they just seem to need to know that I’m happy to do this with them and proud of their hard work, and I think that’s the way it should be.

      I aim for happily supportive! I TRY to pay attention, but the joke on both teams is to ask me what just happened in the game, because I will NEVER know.

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