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Career advice

“Do you think, ” Karen asks me, “that it would be OK to fax this job application in instead of dropping it off?”

“Did they say you could?  What did they say?”

“The job listing says the application can be mailed, dropped off, or faxed.” Karen explains that the position for which she is applying is with a large organization.

“If I dropped it off, I’m not sure it would really make a difference.”

“There you go, ” I say.  “I think it’s always better to drop it off, but if you don’t have time then fax it.”

“But, I just want to make a good impression, ” says Karen.

“Well, did you put a nice lipstick kiss mark on the resume?”

“No.  No, not yet.  But, I definitely will. “

“Good,”  I say, “that always says, ‘I’m special’ to potential employers.  Or!  Or. You can scan your breasts and attach the image to your cover letter.  That’ll make an impression!”

“That’s a good idea, but I was thinking  I would paint right onto my breasts and then stamp them on the cover letter.”  Karen is a genius.

“You know what?  That is perfect.  But if you really want to make an impression, maybe you should do all three: the kiss mark, the breast scan, AND the breast stamping.  The triple threat.”

“Perfect!” Says Karen, “that’ll cover all the bases.”

For anyone needing career advice, Karen and I are here all day.



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