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Jewelry Axis of Evil: new member

Blogosphere, the Jewelry Axis of Evil has a new member.  Today, opals join silver, my camera, and white gold on the list of Stuff I Really Hate.  White gold moves up a spot on the list, because I was using it in combination with the opal.  My camera jumps two spots, because it’s very frustrating to be unable to show you a quality image of that which deeply offends me.

I’m pretty sure that the opal would have behaved nicely if not for the bad influence of the white gold.  Similar to my stance on teenagers, I expect white gold to behave like white gold; it is what it is, and it can’t help its nature. Foolishly, I expected better of the opal.  If only I had listened to the rumors about opals and their sluttish ethics, I never would have left the two alone together.

Opals, white gold, and my camera: dead to me.

This morning, as I sat polishing up this pretty opal ring, I mentally wrote a very different post; a post extolling the virtues of opals and expounding upon my new, improved relationship with white gold.  Then,  I noticed the bezel was a speck loose, on the left.  Back in the vice it went, one gentle press on the bezel’s edge, and CLICK: the unmistakable sound of an expensive stone fracturing.   A unique stone, a match for which will be difficult to find.  CLICK: the sound of yesterday’s work, wasted.

Now I have nothing nice to say about opals and white gold. Not. One. Thing.


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