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Studies have shown

“Uh-oh, the goldfish are mating,” says Riley, as he snacks on Pepperidge Farm Rainbow Goldfish.

“What do you mean, ‘mating‘?”  I ask.

“Mom, do you really need me to explain this to you?”

I walk over to see that Riley has paired up the goldfish crackers into matching color couples:  red with red,  green with green, orange with orange, purple with purple.

“I think you’re imposing your own values on them,” I say, “maybe an orange would like a green, or a purple might like a red.  I think you’re being a goldfish-racist.”

“No,” says Riley,  shaking his head.  “Uh-uh.  Studies have shown that goldfish crackers are only attracted to other goldfish crackers that look like them.”

“Studies have shown this?” I ask.  “They’ve studied the mating habits of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish?”

“Yeah.  They have.  On  So, who’s the goldfish racist now, huh?”



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