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Expiration date

I’m eager to take down the posts addressing the gossip about me.  While making my voice loudly heard had become necessary, I’ve hated doing it, and it feels cheap and sleazy to discuss private things so publicly.  I feel dirty.

The posts have been heavily linked, and I’d like to think those who needed to hear the other side of the story have now heard it.  Hopefully, I’ve put a break on the destructive monster the  gossip had become.

Thank you so much to all who have expressed support; this episode has caused me to doubt myself so much, and your kind words have given me a needed boost.

I will remove these posts on  Sunday, July 10.



6 thoughts on “Expiration date

  1. Kate,

    I was inspired and intrigued by your post on gossip. I am very interested in topic of gossip and its benefits and consequences in social groups. Most people don’t understand why they or others gossip. Most are unaware of their own or others motives. Gossip is hurtful when the purpose of the gossip is to malign another’s reputation. However, here are some reasons I have come up with why people gossip (me included):

    1. To connect around an engaging subject – not a bad motive.
    2. To express for the purpose of an “emotionally dumping” – not a bad motive.
    3. To receive help or support about an issue.- not a bad motive.
    4. To malign or create an alliance against someone. – misguided motive.

    Many rationalize gossip by saying, “When others gossip it’s terrible but when I gossip, I have a good reason.” We have all gossiped at one time or another. For some, gossip is an addiction for which they are powerless over – this does not excuse gossip. For others, gossip is a coping mechanism. Behind the words and actions of gossip is a deeper longing – for connection and a longing for significance.

    The gossiper is not only the speaker but the listener too. So, I am sending you a youtube not about gossip but about understanding motive. I hope it adds value to you around this topic. Take care.

    – John

  2. Oh Kate! I just read this today, what a mess. Hang in there and stand firm in your convictions. I am so sorry that your family is being treated so poorly. Hugs to you, and know that you did the right thing.

    – Emily

  3. Best of luck to you. I do hope she thinks through things before making any other disastrous moves. In addition to legal consequences for herself, that not-too-savvy boy with the plants could still get into trouble, as could the police officer. Whatever inner emptiness she’s trying to fill, she’s only deepened it. Her poor husband must be mortified, regardless of the front he’s putting up. I hope your kids know that many people who say they’re Christians actually *are*, and move through the world with love and compassion. The loneliness of merely being her–it’s painful to contemplate.

  4. Love you, Kate…we have had our differences at times but, having known you for a LONG time, I KNOW that you did what was right after making a poor decision. You don’t deserve to be harassed. I hope that things are coming together…sluts and liars–that’s all they are. 🙂

  5. good for your standing up for yourself, your family and your reputation. She very easily could have been arrested for harrasment. You did what you felt was right, tried to fix and apologize for what you felt was wrong. Don’t ever apologize for doing the right thing. even when others tell you that you are wrong.

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