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Well, he told them

Crazy-hair scientist guy sets the record straight.

One point on which I disagree:  Crazy-hair science guy says that were the trophy made of 24k gold, it would bend in half when lifted.   No, no, no, crazy-hair science guy!  Lifting it would not cause it to bend, but it would bend more easily under pressure.

My take on this?  FIFA says the trophy is solid 18k gold.  Crazy-hair science guy rightly takes this to mean solid all the way through. Because solid means, well, solid.

But FIFA is not selling or trading this cup, and so they would not be subject to the laws of the precious metal trade and its tightly defined terminology.   And they don’t seem to be subject to common sense definitions either, but that’s ok.  They are really good-looking.

FIFA has just used the wrong word, and I think what they are trying to say is that the trophy is made of metal which is pure 18k gold; the only metal used in this trophy is 18k gold.  From the weight measurements given, it is obviously hollow.

The World Cup has given us such joy; we’ve enjoyed weeks of watching beautiful men run around being muscly and sweaty,  and so I could not care less how FIFA describes their trophy.    Bless them for the good work they do. They make the world a better place.


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