Sea Creatures

We’re headed north today, and there’s no time to post.  I have so much to do.   Gag and bind the children and tie them to the roof of the car, drug the dog….. There’s no end to my travel preparations, is there? Karen will be caring for The Damn Cat.  Bless her.  We were … Continue reading Sea Creatures

The joy club

As I go through life and meet new people, I sometimes meet another mother of three or more boys.  In a check-out line,  at a sporting event, a school function– those moments when we knock up against strangers long enough to engage in small talk.  Upon realizing this commonality, there always follows a small, silent … Continue reading The joy club

Expiration date

I’m eager to take down the posts addressing the gossip about me.  While making my voice loudly heard had become necessary, I’ve hated doing it, and it feels cheap and sleazy to discuss private things so publicly.  I feel dirty. The posts have been heavily linked, and I’d like to think those who needed to … Continue reading Expiration date

Well, he told them

Crazy-hair scientist guy sets the record straight. One point on which I disagree:  Crazy-hair science guy says that were the trophy made of 24k gold, it would bend in half when lifted.   No, no, no, crazy-hair science guy!  Lifting it would not cause it to bend, but it would bend more easily under pressure. … Continue reading Well, he told them