Personal Entries

Steve Jobs needs to come paint my house

Still not in Maine, and I blame Steve Jobs.

Instead of getting a regular summer job, Jake agreed to scrape and paint the trim on the house.   It’s win/win: I need to pay someone to do the job,  and this job will allow Jake  the freedom to go on two family vacations.  He’s headed to college, and so this might be the last summer he can vacation with his family.  On paper, it all works out perfectly.

But there is, unfortunately, more to this equation: throw in a new iPhone.

That clever Steve Jobs covered everything;  there’s an app for this, and an app for that, but sadly,  there’s no app on that iPhone that makes an 18-year-old focus and finish painting my house.

The iPhone allows Jake to check up on World Cup soccer updates, text friends and listen to music, all while swaying fifteen feet above the ground on an aluminum ladder.  Isn’t that GREAT?   He couldn’t have done all that with an iPod!  With an iPod, he would only have been able to listen to music and paint while up on that ladder, and that would have been so limiting. Now, thank heavens, he can interact with portable electronics high in the air, with the added bonus of  knowing when a soccer match is getting exciting so that he can take a break to watch it on TV!

I’m torn.

As his mother, I want to confiscate the iPhone, smack him on the head, and lock him outside until the work is done.

As the 18 year old’s employer, though, my options are more limited, and I’d like to fire his iPhone-loving butt and hire a painter who doesn’t own any electronic devices.

Either way, this job should have been done ten days ago, and I hold Steve Jobs responsible for the wasted time.

Steve Jobs needs to come paint my damn house.



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