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Don’t steal my cat, bro

I’ve been reluctant to discuss my summer plans, as I’m afraid it might be read as an invitation to come rob my house while I’m away.  Please don’t do that, OK?

And trust me, there is nothing here to take, except the cat.  If you are reading this and forming a plan to come rob Vaka Design’s house? The cat is all yours.  Mazel tov.  His food is in the cabinet next to the sink, and I wouldn’t advise substituting a cheaper brand, as a cheaper brand leads directly to bloodshed. Did I ever mention that I keep the diamonds in the cat?  I do.  And the gold casting grain, and the sapphires, the emeralds, and any extra hundred dollar bills I have lying around.  All IN the cat.   Not that I’m recommending it, but that cat is extremely valuable, and it would behoove someone to steal him while I’m gone.

The c-clamp holds the diamonds in


I haven’t taken a vacation since I started the business, and holy wowwy wow wow,  I need one.   I’m a bit fried, and my attitude ….well, blogosphere, my attitude sucks just a bit, and nobody does sucky attitude as well as I do.  Not to brag, but when my attitude goes bad, it goes impressively bad:  Nothing is good!  Everything is bad!  Nothing will ever, ever work out!  I throw myself into that bad attitude like an LSD-tripping pig throws itself into mud;  the suckiness is me and I am it; it is everything.

I don’t do things in halves, do I?  Nope.  Maybe I need a break?  Chyea.

When you work from home, you never really stop, do you?  The best things about working from home are also the worst things:  your work is right there,  right in the next room!   It’s wonderfully-slash-terribly easy to zip back in to do one more little thing.  It’s guilt-inducing when you don’t go back in.  You might break at the end of the day, but you never really stop thinking about work unless you go far, far away.

So, off to Maine I go!

As many of you know, I spent my childhood summers in Maine, with my grandparents.   Recently, my Mom razed the old cabin and built a new one. With indoor plumbing!  I kid you not, we now pee inside, like the highbrow folk.

Our house in Maine

Our house is on a lake, close to Mt. Desert Island and Acadia National Park, and so the boys and I will be doing plenty of swimming and hiking and climbing on rocks and slapping at mosquitoes.  Life will be good, and I will be posting from Maine.  Because I still like the blog and I like you, just not gold.  I hate gold.   I HATES IT!

In the meantime, I’m tying up my loose ends.  We’re  getting our house pretty and nice so that it will be nice to come home to, and I’m finishing up last-minute orders.  Now that I know they are last minute orders, and then I get a break?  I love them, just a little.



9 thoughts on “Don’t steal my cat, bro

  1. We spent a few days in Maine in the fall a few years ago. We ran into a man with a dog when we stopped to take a photo of the Penobscot Bay Bridge – we didn’t have our dog along and I desperately needed a dog fix, so we talked to the dog’s man a bit. We ended up following him to Stonington, which we fell in love with. We ended up staying longer than we’d planned, and it was lovely.

  2. That house is gorgeous!!! Will there be more pictures of the house and its surroundings? Are there jobs and schools near it? Perhaps we will move out there someday.

    1. Yes! I will post lots of pics while I’m in Maine. I’m biased, but I think it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth!

      Jobs and schools….. Schools, yes. Jobs? In our little town, no. We don’t even have a stoplight! Bangor is the nearest city, and it’s about 50 minutes away.

  3. Given the photos that you used to illustrate your post, you’re more likely to find me eagerly waiting for you on the front porch of your chalet when you arrive, then to discover I’d stolen your cat while you were away.

  4. But the cat-of-much-vaulableness looks so cuuuute!

    Have a really lovely time in that gorgeous cabin. Wow, my envy knows no bounds, that’s a lovely house and a stunning location.

    1. You must travel to Maine! I might be biased, but there is no place more beautiful than the Maine coast.

      Would you like me to ship the-cat-of-much-valuableness to you?

  5. Yeah for you! Enjoy the time with your kids. My favorite memories are the many summer road-trips I took with my family growing up. Hopefully my children will have the same smile when they think of our summers.

    – Emily

    1. I’m so very, very sure that I complained all the way on childhood drives to Maine, but now I remember it as a happy thing! Drives with my kids are the same: the assure me that they are suffering with every mile……then afterwards? To hear them tell it, the drive was THE BEST THING EVER! Which just proves that kids are weird.

      Thanks, Emily, and I will definitely enjoy the time!

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