That’s not what you think it means

15 Apr

“Dude,” I ask, ” is this helping you get out the door on time?  What are you doing?”

With five minutes until the bus comes, Matt has lost focus on making his lunch and is drumming out a song, bongo-style, on the bags of deli before him.  Matt is one of those people who always has a beat in his head, is always tapping out a rhythm.

“What? I’m just slapping the meat.  I’m a meat slapper!”

Oh, honey.  There’s a time and a place.


One Response to “That’s not what you think it means”

  1. Jean April 15, 2010 at 7:34 pm #

    Kate, I hope you compile all the the great sayings (isms, Mattisms, etc.) that your boys use and give them each a copy so that can they or you can share with their children. They just crack me up, I howl when I read them! Tell Matt thank you I was having a particularly crappy day and now I have this goofy smile on my face because of your son!

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