Singing bird, sawing silversmith

When Katie suggested that I might want to add some of my work to the website for the purpose of selling it, one of my greatest concerns was finding a theme or a style that would be completely my own, and that would not coincide or be confused with Katie’s work in any way. I love the jewelry that she produces and never wanted there to be any stylistic competition. I hit upon the solution when she mentioned how much she truly loathes using her jeweler’s saw. LOATHES. I have done pieces before that were pierced and filed silver sheet, and actually worked for three years making hand-cut rings and necklaces using a jewelers saw, and I’ve always loved that sort of handiwork. So I sort of disregarded the whole “loathes” thing. Until one day, I needed to saw something at Katie’s house, and I reached for her saw, and she gave an actual shudder. Which was largely explained when I went to start sawing and realized that the blade was in upside down.

“Good grief, you REALLY don’t like using the saw, do you?”

“NO. I HATE IT.” Just like that — all in caps.

So here you go. The work that will be starting to turn up from me will not be anything like the forged gold you have seen fom Katie, but will rather be sterling silver, pierced by a drill bit, sawed by hand , filed and sanded to finish. I have a deep love of nature, and plan to incorporate that into several items — also, I’m working on a series of letters to offer in a sort of a Lombardic/Irish combined style of lettering. I’ll work on producing a template so I can give a better idea of  how each letter will look. And I’m sure I’ll have lots of encouragement from herself.


2 thoughts on “Singing bird, sawing silversmith

  1. Karen!

    Two things…First let me say how much I LOVE this pendant. It is beautiful! I have long preferred silver to gold, and have a life times’ collection of silver jewelry to prove it. I really look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve.

    Second – do you think that our friend hates sawing with her jewelers saw so much because she was unknowingly using it with the blade in backwards?; or that she put it in backwards because she HATES it so much? I am thinking the former because we all know how patient she is with reading directions, and her attention to details prior to doing something that she really wants to get done.

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