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Genius time

You know what’s frustrating?  When you’re having a moment of certifiable (certified by whom? By me!*) genius, and there is no one around to tell about it.  This happens to me all the time.

Take, for instance, right now.  RIGHT THIS MINUTE, blogosphere!

I am in the midst of a genius moment, and I call Valerie, and does she answer?  No.  Where is she?  Nobody knows.  I call my mother, and she doesn’t answer, and it’s six hours ahead of us in the Netherlands!   What is she doing at 8:00, not answering her Skype line?  I’ll tell you what.  She’s out flirting with Dutch men, that’s what.  And Karen.  Karen is off at some library, somewhere, doing who knows what.  She’s probably at the Library of Inaccessible Friends, reshelving volume upon volume of books like How To Not Witness Your Friends’ Moments Of Brilliance, or Never Buy A Cell Phone Just To Frustrate People With Genius Emergencies.   And Jill.  Where’s Jill?

OK. Joan just texted back, and she agrees that I’m a genius. I feel better now.

I ask for so little.

*And Joan.


6 thoughts on “Genius time

  1. Well…what the hell was your stroke of genius? All that Bitching and no payoff? I know I am not alone in thinking WTF???

  2. I’m glad to see you both addressing this crisis with the gravitas it deserves.

    I think Karen’s system works best, as it provides instant gratification. For everyone really, not just me. I get to share my moments of genius, and you get to witness them.

    Because this would be a symbiotic relationship, salary would not be necessary. A thank you note, from my Genius Appreciation Team to me, would be lovely, though.

    1. But Pooky, I’m not sure that being allowed to bask in your glory is enough of a tradeoff to call this “symbiotic”. There should at least be some fudge or SOMEthing.

  3. Perhaps more careful planning and timing of these genius moments would solve the problem. We might be able to arrange our schedules in order to give appropriate accolades if only we had, say, 12 – 24 hours warning. You know, kind of like a tsunami warning system.

    1. I hate to limit Katie’s spontaneity, though. What if we had an on-call schedule? We could each take a weekday from 6am to 10 pm, and then alternate weekends. Perhaps this could be a paid position, eventually. Now we need a job title. “Genius Appreciation Technician”?

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