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Lurv this

People, if I were tall and had no hips?  This is what I would wear:

I am so wicked serious, too.  I luuurrv this.  Lurv. It. 

Take away the nakey ladies and the puppies, and you have an outfit my very no-nonsense ladylike grandmother, Dorothy Boyd Snyder, might have worn.  And having a five foot tall version of Kiera Knightly’s body, it would have fit her like this, too. She would have sewn it herself and worn it with a pair of low-heeled alligator pumps, a big amber ring (avec bug, of course), and a spritz of Estee Lauder’s Youth Dew.  She would have been meticulous as she slid into her Lincoln Town Car and drove off, ten minutes early, for her local hospital board meeting.  

Now pimp Dorothy’s outfit, and you have this.  This outfit would have made Dorothy hoot.  She wouldn’t have worn it in a million years, and so her second thought would have been that the outfit was a waste of perfectly good sewing time.  But she would have hooted, first.   

It’s the puppies and the nakey ladies.  Those puppies are just subversive.  Tricky puppies. 

But the no-nonsense, straight as a board figure under the clothing is the key, here.  If I wore this?  It’d be all full of boobs and hips, and it would loose its delicate balance.  The puppies would just cause confusion.


5 thoughts on “Lurv this

  1. Not so sure Big Dot would have minded the puppies OR the naked ladies. There was just the faintest streak of rebel in the midst of all that propriety. This outfit might have put the glint in her eye and the set to her jaw, so it might have (as she would say)! Very Dorothy, indeed.

  2. I look at this picture, and think: Good heavens! Eat something, woman! And then I wonder how malnourished her brain must be if her body looks like *that*

      1. If the size of her HEAD (in comparison to her body) is any indication of the size of her brain, she should be doing just fine.

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