Jewel-encrusted snails!

So, Valerie emails to tell me she’s had a great jewelry idea for me to make and sell:  “jewel-encrusted snails!” Valerie has exceptional taste, and so I know that what she’s imagining must be beautiful, but those three words strike me as incredibly funny:  Jewel-encrusted snails!  One can never anticipate jewel-encrusted snails! being any part … Continue reading Jewel-encrusted snails!

Snowy day

My boys seem to think I don’t like playing in snow, and I can understand why they think this.  I love snow, but snow as a child and snow as a parent of young children are very different things. As a parent, snow means digging out endless pairs of gloves,  drying jackets,  tucking pants into … Continue reading Snowy day

Free Radicals

Karen and I are working, and Jake is making himself a cup of tea.  As he waits for the water to boil, he reads the information on the box of tea he’s holding. “What are free radicals?”  He asks us, “Because tea fights them.” “I don’t know, but they are very bad, ” I say. … Continue reading Free Radicals


Really, I’ve been so sluttish in my blogging,  I don’t know how you can stand it.  I’d be quite disgusted with me if I were you. Things have been a-swirlin’ in my head;  swirling and swirling, around and around, never slowing enough to gel.   Not swirling in a random way, but in a swept-up, powerfully … Continue reading Painting