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Today is my mother’s sixty-sixth birthday.

When I’m asked to describe my mom, I usually can’t come up with anything more precise than, “she’s a whole lot of person.”

She’s a firecracker. She’s dynamic.  While she’d like to be a broad, she’s not laid-back enough to be one,  and instead falls firmly into the good-time girl category.   She has a lot of fun.  She’s generous, ethical and honest, and she’s lived in a dozen cities around the world,  and is asleep before her international flight takes off.  She’s a well-dressed, new millenium product of the 1960’s, her hippie views a bit more pragmatic than they were forty years ago.  Her sense of humor and complete lack of gravitas belie her fierce intelligence; she’s had a hand in writing much of the software currently used to keep corporate lending institutions rolling.  She likes to curse but is very bad at it, “Holy f**k, honey,” being my all-time favorite.  She  can’t cook  anything without setting off her smoke alarm, and I think this is because she is opposed to using the “low” setting on anything in her life.   She is rarely still.  I have never heard my mother be rude, leading me to believe that ungraciousness is only for those who lack strength of spirit and character.

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you.

Karen took this picture when we visited my Mom in The Netherlands


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