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Jake’s Hiskey fudge

A guest post by Jake:

The idea started when my Mom was searching for crazy Dutch candy made by crazy Europeans, and stumbled upon this Scottish confectionery site. Soon we were in a laughing huddle around the computer as we found out two things about the Scots.  First, they will put whisky in anything (that is how they spell it because if it is not Scottish, it is not the real thing.) Second, they will be happy to send you haggis in a variety of flavors.  If you don’t have a can of haggis in your cabinet, then they will be happy to help.

Out of this laughing fit came the idea to make whiskey fudge (we’re using American whiskey, and so we’re using the American spelling).  The Scots, and most of Europe, don’t consider America’s soft buttery fudge to be real fudge. Their fudge is a crumbly “butter tablet” similar to pralines.   We wanted to make the American fudge we like, but with hard liquor.  Because some things are better with alcohol.

Hiskey and the Fudge

My Mom had me taste different whiskeys to understand the subtle distinctions that they have, and I agreed that the smoky sweetness of Jack Daniel’s lends itself to sweets.  I searched both the internet and family recipes to find a mixture that would work;  we couldn’t find one fudge recipe that would work, so we created our own: Hiskey Fudge.*

I began to cook by adding the two pounds of sugar to an empty pot and then rushing around trying to decide whether the pound of butter that our family recipes called for had any solid reasoning behind them, or did we just really like to clog our arteries?  I decided that only a half pound was needed to dissolve the two pounds of sugar along with the milk.

While I researched fudge recipes, I came upon the culinary sin that is marshmallows in fudge making.  Now, any self-respecting pastry chef or candy-maker will deny to high heavens that they ever use marshmallows, but if you are short on time, they cut out the time it takes to whip the boiled sugar syrup into the airy mixture necessary to make fudge.   If you are worried about this culinary sin, take heart from this quote from a famous chef, “Remember, if you are alone in the kitchen, who is going to see you?” Yeah, I went there, I brought Julia Child into it to defend marshmallows.

Boil the sugar, add the marshmallows and the chocolate, and now here comes the alcohol.  I put in the alcohol and freaked because I didn’t really expect it to make the mixture so soupy, and didn’t think it would set.  My Mom rushed to grab a bag of confectioner’s sugar, and threw in half a bag, about one pound,  and I  grabbed the hand mixer and blended it in.  Many of the recipes I saw while researching called for confectioner’s sugar to be mixed with the alcohol before adding, and so I thought this addition might remedy the problem.  In the recipe below, I’ve had you blend the confectioner’s sugar into the whiskey before adding it into the mix.

I poured it in the pan, and we waited and waited and waited.   In total, it took about 14 hours to fully set in the refrigerator, a lot longer than regular fudge.

So here it is, world:

Jake’s Hiskey Fudge

  • 5 cups  sugar(2 pounds)
  • 2 sticks unsalted butter
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • 1   1/2 teaspoons of vanilla
  • 25 large marshmallows, ripped in half
  • 11.5 oz Ghiradelli 60% cocoa bittersweet chocolate chips
  • 2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 3/4 cup Jack Daniels, or a whiskey you really like.  You will be able to really taste it!

1. Whisk whiskey with confectioner’s sugar, and set aside.

2.  Foil and butter a 9 x 13 (or larger) baking pan.

3. Put sugar, butter, milk, and vanilla in a large pot with a heavy bottom. Stirring steadily until mixture boils, continue stirring while letting it boil for 3 minutes (time it, this  is important).   Remove from heat.

4. Add the marshmallows and chocolate, stirring until all of it is melted and blended into the sugar mix.

5.  Give whiskey mixture a quick stir, and add it to the pot, stirring until fully incorporated.

6.  Pour into a greased pan, and chill.  Let mellow for a day before cutting.

* The reason for the name comes from the three years my brother went around asking strangers, in an awful Texas accent, “Want a cup of Hiskey?


16 thoughts on “Jake’s Hiskey fudge

  1. Just made it. Brewing in fridge now. This is a taste sampler to see if we find it “worthy” of Christmas presents. 🙂 I’ll let you know…..

  2. I love this recipe!! I made it for a pot luck at work and everyone loved it. I decided to experiment a little with it. I substituted white chocolate and rum for the chips and whiskey. Topped it with salt and lime zest. OMG, I didn’t think this could get better but it did. Went over really well at stitch group!

    1. Hmmm. Do you mean gritty? I’ve not had that happen with this recipe before, but that can happen. A couple thoughts: Make sure it actually boiled as high and as long as it should have. Next, cream of tartar and corn syrup both inhibit crystallization, and so you might want to try one or both.

      Other than that, I’ve sorry to hear that it didn’t work for you!

  3. I made this delicious concoction to add to Christmas cookie trays for friends,. There is no way in JACK that I’m letting go of this fudge!!! The longer it stays in the fridge, the better it tastes! Thanks for the recipe! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. WOW! I think I am going downhill fast, what I meant to write was…

    YOU’RE back

    I am starting to scare myself. If I become a blonde, chemically of course, then I might be able to pull this off. People will take pity on me, and expect stupidity. Which I think is terribly unfair to all the natural blondes out there in the world.

  5. Your back, yea!!!!!!! Sorry about my disobediance, hope I didn’t mess you up too terribly. I hope to see you this summer, keep your fingers crossed.

  6. Oh mercy! Well done Jake, adding this, if you don’t mind to my recipe box…made some last night and as per your instructions (although it was hard to hold out that long) for the prescribed mellowing period..I’m sitting in my home office working on some tax documents munching away! I must say this takes tax work to a whole different level!

  7. Yes,

    Just call me KING DORK the third. I am sure the dorkiness has been passed on to me through the bloodlines, however, it did skip Valerie, thank goodness. Yes, I did remember our arrangement, but I thought, incorrectly, that I had to order it first and then we could follow through on our arrangement. I am very bummed that I can’t even use ‘Jake’s Hiskey Fudge’ as a reason for my dorkiness. Please let him know that I printed out his recipe and will make some soon, it sounds awesome. The new arrangement works for me, glad your willing to take another chance on this particular dork. Maybe I should try out for a village idiot position, I hear they pay well and the job requirements are easy to meet. Well?

  8. Having pershonally shampled this batch of Hishkey Fudge, I can shtate that it is some of the finesht fudge I have ever tashted. Yeshirree. Hoo boy.

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