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Ring, jade pendant, broken bones

First, Matt made this, and I couldn’t be more proud.   I am so puffed up with pride that I’m a danger to all around me; one brush with a sharp object, and I’d pop, spewing pride everywhere.

Matt wanted to make a ring for his awesome teacher, Elizabeth Blount.  We started with the same basic wide band design Matt made previously, but this time he wanted to change it up a bit.  He pierced the band in many places to give it a “swiss cheese” look, and although I questioned the name  “Swiss Cheese Ring,” that’s what the boy is insisting we call this.

“It looks like polka dots, should we call it a Polka Dot Ring?”  I asked.

“No, I like Swiss Cheese Ring.”

“But it sounds like you made the ring out of cheese!  You could call it the Bubble Ring…?”

“No.  It’s the Swiss Cheese Ring, Mom, and I’m not changing it.”

Everyone get that?  It’s the Swiss Cheese Ring, and so don’t be messing.

I was most proud of Matt for how he stuck with this ring,  seeing every aspect through until he produced a professional piece.    He worked that solder like a badass, he refined edges, made calls on the finish, sized it perfectly, and  polished and then polished some more.  I showed and demonstrated and drew diagrams, but that child did the work, and I’m in awe of him.

These pictures don’t do his ring justice, but it is terribly difficult to photograph a ring with a jumpy ten year old snatching it away between shots.  He was not as patient with the photos as he was with the making.


Next, my new pendant.  In the process of tracking down the right size and color jadeite for the Jade Solitaire Ring,  I picked up a few other pieces of jadeite.  This one was a shallow disk of very light-colored jadeite, and in the midst of filling the last of my Christmas orders I irresponsibly managed to make a pendant of it.

So, there is supposed to be a picture here, but I’m am a bit too overwhelmed at the moment to edit and all that stuff.   Keep your pants on for the picture, and I’ll post it this afternoon.   Oh cripes, nagging naggers, I’ll do it now.  But this slightly blurred picture is all you get.

And third.  There will be no broken bones in the last days left to fill Christmas orders, got it?  I do not have time for X-rays and maternal tenderness.

But this sure looks broken to me.  How about you, Dr. Blogosphere, do you think thumbs should be so…blue?

This is Riley’s hand, and as I’ve mentioned before, Riley is a bit go-big-or-go-home when it comes to soccer.  Riley did this last night during his indoor soccer game, and in a few moments we have a doctor’s appointment.

When I suggested,  last night, that the thumb should be X-rayed, Ri’s head popped off.  Riley is Weather Boy, but even more than that, he is Snow Boy.  The South is useless to him for its lack of snow, and for weeks he’s been monitoring the forecasts for every venue he will visit during the holiday season.  X-rays and broken bones were not in any of Riley’s forecasts.

“But then I’ll have a cast, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow, and there’s already snow in Pennsylvania, and if I have a cast then I can’t play out in the snow when we go to Maine after Christmas!”  A brief moment of silence, then, “If they put a cast on, I’m  taking it off if there’s a lot of snow.  I don’t care if it heals wrong, I’m not missing the snow.”

“Riley, honey, you cannot take off your own cast–”  And everyone in the room looks at me with grins on their faces.  Jake, Matt, Karen, but Riley has the biggest grin of all.

“You did,” he says, and lets out a huge ” WHOOP!” After flinging his body into the air, he jumps up and down, pointing at me, a smile from ear to ear. ” You took off your own cast to WATERSKI, so I can take off mine!”

Well, shit.

At Riley’s age I used my Swiss Army knife to cut off a full leg cast so I could waterski, and until this moment I was very pleased with that bit of badassery.

Payback’s a bitch, as my mother warned me the moment this child was born.


5 thoughts on “Ring, jade pendant, broken bones

  1. And for the more serious and more important comment: Amazing job, Matt. I am really proud of you, too. That is a beautiful ring and you are one extra cool dude!

  2. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I take him to Maine without his mother and he removes a cast to play in the snow! I am LOVING it. Paybacks are BEAUTIFUL! History CAN repeat iself. Gloat. . . . .Gloat . . .Gloat. Only kidding, Katie Babe.

  3. How much would it cost to get Matt’s ring in size R? (I love it!)
    Oh and tell Riley not to worry, I’ve had my thumb go purple and 6 times the size of normal before i went to the doctor…though of course I’m banned from all forms of manual writing from now on….damn….

    1. I will powwow with Matt when he gets home, but I had asked him if he’d like me to list the design, pricing it the $20- 25 range. Pricing was based on the amount of Yu Gi Oh cards one can buy with one’s profits.

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