Ring, jade pendant, broken bones

5 thoughts on “Ring, jade pendant, broken bones”

  1. And for the more serious and more important comment: Amazing job, Matt. I am really proud of you, too. That is a beautiful ring and you are one extra cool dude!

  2. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! I take him to Maine without his mother and he removes a cast to play in the snow! I am LOVING it. Paybacks are BEAUTIFUL! History CAN repeat iself. Gloat. . . . .Gloat . . .Gloat. Only kidding, Katie Babe.

  3. How much would it cost to get Matt’s ring in size R? (I love it!)
    Oh and tell Riley not to worry, I’ve had my thumb go purple and 6 times the size of normal before i went to the doctor…though of course I’m banned from all forms of manual writing from now on….damn….

    1. I will powwow with Matt when he gets home, but I had asked him if he’d like me to list the design, pricing it the $20- 25 range. Pricing was based on the amount of Yu Gi Oh cards one can buy with one’s profits.

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