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Packing tape and truancy

I let Riley stay home from school one day last week.  He wasn’t sick, but he’d been helpfully reminding me for days that, while he hated to miss school, he’d be happy to make the sacrifice and stay home for my sake.

“Mom, these early teen years are very important.  If you need extra time to guide me, I’ll stay home.”

“Thanks, Ri.  I think we’re on the right track, though, so we’re good.”

“Mom, you have so many Christmas orders, I’ll stay home and help you in the studio.   You are more important than school.”

“You are so selfless, but I’ll try to make it through this without the goldsmithing skills you don’t have.”

And upon catching sight of me pulling my pants on, “Oh no.  I better stay home so we can talk about what I just saw. ”

I caved.  Ri has straight A’s and rarely misses school, but the boys also get so very little individual time with me that the occasional stay-home day is kind of special.  I’m not sure the school district would agree with me, but, when all of Riley’s school work is in order,  I feel a day of my undivided attention trumps their attendance policy.

“But,” I said, ” you are totally in charge of the blog post for the day.”

“Pffsh, no problem, ”  he said, and mimed typing, “this morning I saw my Mom in her underwear.  I’ll never be OK again.”

Mid morning I told him that he should really get posting, and the horrid wee darling laughed at me.   I cocked an eyebrow and pointed authoritatively at the computer, silently commanding him to get to it.  He laughed again.

I knew he wasn’t going to write a post, but it was fun trying to get him to do it.
So I did what Dr. Spock would surely have recommended, and taped him to a chair.  “You dictate, I’ll type.”

In retrospect, several things are clear.  First, this would have worked better with packing tape, but all I had on hand was spackling tape.  Second, he was surprisingly mobile for a boy taped to a chair!  And finally, I won’t be winning that Parent Of The Year award I’d been hoping for.


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