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John Denver’s real lyrics

What most people don’t know is that John was a big fan of the jadeite.  The original lyrics to “Sunshine On My Shoulders.”  The companion piece to this bit of whining set to music.


Jadeite from my vendors makes me happy

Jadeite in my eyeball makes me cry

Jadeite in my settings looks so lovely

Smoking jadeite doesn’t make me  high


If they had some Jadeite they could sell me

That looked just like the jadeite in this ring

If only they could sneak some in from Burma

I’d have a very different song to sing




I’m not suggesting anything illegal

But if you know a guy who knows a guy?  That’s great.

By now I’d sell my mother for some jadeite

One shady deal then I swear I’ll go straight


* Jake would like me to appease the history geeks (erm…him?) by making note of the error in my lyrics.  Burma ceased to be many years ago (1962) after a coup which led the country to be governed by a military junta and renamed The Union of Myanmar.  We all happy now?  Whew, that’s a relief.  I hate historical inaccuracies in my spoof lyrics.


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