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That’s a lot of dudes

Synopsis of Nickelodeon’s new show, “Big Time Rush,”  as told to me by Matthew, 10.

“There’s this new show and it’s about four dudes who have a band and they work for this other really famous dude , but first the one dude tried out for the famous dude and the famous dude said ‘get out of here, you suck!’ and he sang this really rude song– ‘you smell like a turd, you look like a turd,’ –you can look up the lyrics if you want, but then the next day he called him back and said he wanted him and the dude said, ‘No, not unless you take my friends, too.’ so the famous dude said OK and they all went to California.”


Can I tell you how much I love that “dude” is a perfectly acceptable noun in my house?


6 thoughts on “That’s a lot of dudes

    1. Well now I’m dating myself, group in the 70s, Brits, big tune “All The Young Dudes”…my older brother spoke “dude” until he finally went to college. Everybody and everything was “dude”, it was used as a noun, adjective, metaphor, pronoun, parents…and just by changing the inflection in your voice it could mean just about anything. Kind of like the Fbomb!

      I like the fact that it is having a resurgence!

  1. DUDE!!!!! When Matt gets A LOT older he has to watch the movie The Big Labowski, because he will see Jeff Bridges as the “ultimate dude”. He will learn that the dude abides.

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