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Sinterklaas Day

Update:  My Mom, who might or might not be drunk, has clarified: Sinterklaas and his crew of good-friends-who-used-to-be-slaves have been around town for about two weeks, but tonight is the big night where they break into people’s houses. Tomorrow they will leave for Spain, thereby breaking international law by transporting the Dutch children they have kidnapped over international borders.  My mother is helping.

My Mom, who lives in The Netherlands, tells me today’s the day!  Sinterklaas and  Swarte Pete have arrived in Den Hague, and will roam The Netherlands for the next several weeks.  They will either beat and kidnap children, or give them little treats.  You never know.  The Dutch, they’re different.

David Sedaris, reading one of my favorite of his stories, “Six to Eight Black Men”


3 thoughts on “Sinterklaas Day

  1. You know I don’t drink. Don’t you? I was asked to do this by the handsome young man who lives upstairs and is the father of wo beautiful children and the son of my landlord here in Den Haag,

  2. Actually Sinterklaas and Swarte Pete have been about town for the better part of the last two weeks. This is just their BIG NIGHT! They leave by morning, presumably with all naughty Dutch children stowed safely away in burlap sacks on their Spain-bound return voyage. So far tonight I have aided and abetted the tradition by simulating the sound of Sinterklaas and Pete muscling their way into the outside door so that the children upstairs would be alerted to the untrimmed Christmas tree and packages deposited just inside.

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