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Today, blogosphere, our special is art  with a crispy crust of anthropology, smothered in pathology sauce.

Noah Scalin, artist, designer, creator of the site Skull-A-Day, and author of the book SKULLS, talks with the director of the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia (yo, Philly, what up?).    The Mutter is a well-kept Philadelphia secret; it’s the pathology museum of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.   A bit creepy?  Sure, but more than anything it’s a fascinating place to visit, and if I ever give an interview I want to have the backdrop be a row of skeletons.  Just because.

In this interview, so many things in which I am interested come crashing together: art, the human body, anthropology, science, collaborative works, art as communication.   Noah talks of unwittingly building an art bandwagon which looked like so much fun that people from all over the world have jumped on for the ride.

Take a look, and tell me what you think.

Click here to check out The Mutter Museum.


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