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Vacuum packed

I’m working on dinner when,  from the living room,  I hear the vacuum cleaner being turned on and off, on and off, punctuated by raucous laughter.   Vacuuming should not be this much fun.  Huh.  Are they giving themselves hickies again?

No, they are not.  I walk into the living room to see Matt getting into a lawn and leaf bag, helped by his brothers.  Jake , the vacuum cleaner hose in hand,  issues directions.

“You have to get your whole body into the bag or it won’t work,”  Jake tells Matt, but Matt is laughing too hard to listen.  Which, I think, is good.

“No! No! No!  Wait!” I say,   “Whatareyoudoing?  WHAT. ARE. YOU. DOING?”

“It’s OK Mom, we did this in physics.”

“They put you in trash bags?”

“Not everyone, just a couple of the smaller kids.”  Jake says this as he continues to gently shove Matthew’s unwilling limbs into the bag.  It reminds me of trying to dress them as babies….but really, really not.

Then, he sticks the vacuum cleaner tube into the bag.

“Wait! Are you vacuum packing my child into a trash bag?”  I ask, ” Why are we doing this?”

And Jake calmly explains why he’s vacuum packing his brother into a lawn and leaf bag:

“We don’t feel the atmosphere’s pressure pressing down on us because it’s evenly distributed all over our bodies, but when you create a void by sucking the air out of the bag around your body, then you can feel it.”

“It’s science!” Matt shouts, his eyes insanely bright. “Vacuum pack me, Jake!”

“Mom, relax,” Riley reassures me, “if Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools says it’s ok, it must be ok.”

“Thank you Riley, that’s very reassuring.”

“You’re welcome.  I’m going next.”

“So you’re putting my child into a trash bag for science?”  I ask Jake.

“Yes, m’am!” And he turns back to Matt,  holds the top of the bag closed around Matt’s neck, and turns on the vacuum.  Nothing.

“You need to create more of a seal around his neck.”  I shout over the noise of the vacuum,  ” Here, I’ll hold the bag, and you do the vacuum.”

And so vacuum packing each other into lawn and leaf bags becomes the family activity for the night.   Blogosphere, you must try this.






10 thoughts on “Vacuum packed

    1. Gravity, pressure, the atmosphere’s, the earth’s? Something like that. =) Basically? We all vacuum-packed ourselves and it was fun!

      You could probably explain the pressure thing a whole lot better than I can!

  1. I’ve been watching your blog roll by on alpha inventions and finally had to take time to come by and say how much I love your “kid stories”.

    Your jewelry is beautiful, too. I’m going to be very, very brave and go give it a good look. 😉 Thiings being what they are, groceries and broadband probably are going to stay ahead of jewelry on the priority list, but it never hurts to look!

    If I’m lucky, I’ll see some gaspeite – ever worked with that?
    It’s my favorite stone and not commonly used.

      1. Kate, they no longer make bags in my size…but I just shared this with my brother who has small children and he is definitely going to vacuum pack at least two of them!

        I just love the absolute glee on Matt’s face!

        I’m still going to borrow a small child and run this little experiment!

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