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Yes. We. Can.

I love me some Barack Obama.  I will proudly admit I Baracked the vote, I’m an Obama Mama, and I believe in change.   But tonight?   Tonight, Barack has crossed a line by preempting Mark Harmon, and we all know how I feel about Mark Harmon. And Michael Weatherly.   I’m not so happy with my friend, Barack.

And as much as I love Michelle O?  Tonight even she,  her badass personal style, and kick-ass mojo cannot be the bridge over these troubled waters of NCIS viewer disrespect.

Yes,  the war in Afghanistan is of paramount importance, but would it kill us to plan our air time just a bit better? Maybe a half an hour earlier? Can we do that next time?  Yes.  Yes we can.


4 thoughts on “Yes. We. Can.

  1. See…I was upset that it completely bumped NCIS: LA out of viewing. I’m in love with like every man on that show. Tsk tsk. Obama just needs to learn not to mess with the NCIS.

      1. Haha! I’m not so much watching for the plots…but yes, LL does make it necessary.

        I submitted for critiques. I’m going to jazz them up a bit. I did submit one other that I thought was more finished though:

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