Personal Entries

Slightly Illegal

One day until stuffing,

One day until pie,

But again with the turkey?

Blogosphere, I can’t lie.


I’m tired of Tom,

Nothing personal, dude,

But I’m sick of your gobble,

Your wattle, your snood.


Is it time to consider

Another holiday option?

A brand new tradition,

for culinary adoption?


Something new, yet familiar,

Might appeal to our nation,

Another large bird,

Yet a new taste sensation.


Traditional Americana,

Proud and patriotic,

We need not look far,

It need not be exotic.


No longer endangered,

Yet still slightly illegal,

Why not this year

Try a roasted bald eagle?

*Karen says I’m a sick, perverse woman, but who drew the picture?  Karen.  In fact,  Karen drew this picture before I wrote the poem, and she drew it on my mother’s suggestion.

See? See what I have to work with?  I’m practically a victim in all this.


4 thoughts on “Slightly Illegal

  1. My foreign readers are probably wondering why this would be a problem.

    “It is a large bird and would probably feed a crowd. Do you think the yanks cook them with the feathers on?”

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