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Notebook Casanova

As Riley packed his backpack this morning, he announced that he needed another spiral notebook for science class.

Another one?” I ask.  This is the third notebook this year.

“Yeah, the other one fell apart.”

“What do you do to them, Ri?”

“The covers just keep falling off!”

“That’s because you’re not treating them right,” interjects Jake. “You need to treat them like a lover.  You need to treat them softly, and carefully.  Stroke them gently.”

“Really, Jake?   Really?”   I ask.

He grins widely, and nods his head, “Yeah.’

“That’s really beautiful.”

“Uh-huh,”  he agrees.

“Or,” says Riley, “OR!  I could treat it like a notebook, because that’s less creepy.”



2 thoughts on “Notebook Casanova

  1. That’s hilarious, but I know what you mean. I am on the 3rd or 4th notebook for my daughter. I think she just like the pretty covers and gets bored of the one she has.

    1. “gets bored of the one she has.” Hmm. Just like a lover?!

      As a Mom of boys, I am NOT allowed to buy pretty covers. Maybe I’ll suggest that the next notebook I buy will have a pretty cover?

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