Personal Entries

Second Glass Finalists

This was a tough one.

Of note:

* We think “Arlo sings until his tonsils wiggle” should be submitted as a t-shirt design at  Promise you’ll do that?

* Eyeclops (the orange, one-eyed, toothy monster) was disqualified because it was that Karen’s.   It had to make it through first rounds because it was goooood, but could not be allowed to make it through seconds.

* In order to move on to the next round, the skeleton needed to be renamed, and we christened him Flaming Jackson!  The exclamation point is part of the name.  The tilt of the head and the wind-whipped clothing is reminiscent of MJ in videos and in concert, and that does add interest.  Did the artist plan that?  Is it a coincidence?  Should that count if it is?  We don’t know, but it does.

Second Glass Finalists



Flaming Jackson!
Tim Burtonesque Monster

Peekaboo Monster



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