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Monsterbling Wednesday!

Alright, blogosphere!  Today’s the day.

My Mom left yesterday afternoon after a week of feeding me and resting me, and several things need to happen today.

First, I need to put a stop to the pie.   Do you have any idea how much pie I’ve eaten in the last week?  A whole f*#king lot of pie.  There are very few things for which I am completely sluttish, but pie is one of them (naps are another, and so this week worked out well).   I’ve gained 5 pounds, all in pie.  I singlehandedly ate two Viennese Lemon Tarts from Trader Joe’s.  All. By. Myself. And then there was the pecan pie, the cherry pie, the pizza pie, the chicken pot pie.   The woman knew how to get me to eat: just hand it to me in pie form.  With tea or wine,  whichever is appropriate.  So I need to finish up that cherry pie, and then I can get to work.   Which brings us to…

Second, work!  All of a sudden, there is a lot of it.  It seems that naps are the raindance of holiday shopping,  or as Valerie said, “if you take naps, they will come.”   Naps are the Rogaine of retail.  Naps are the Viagra of jewelry sales.   Naps are the sand in the oyster of Christmas.  Take your pick, but my extreme napping has had a causative effect on the growth of our country’s economy.  You’re welcome, and now I’m very busy.

So, here’s where we stand so far: Pie, good.  Naps, good.

Third, we need a bit of Monsterbling! action.  Jill From Texas will be coming to help me today, and while I work (and eat pie)  Jill will organize all the monsters.  We will then have some wine, and post the winner!

New recap: Pie, good. Naps, good.  Jill, good.  Wine, good. Monsterbling!, awesome.

Hold, please…..


2 thoughts on “Monsterbling Wednesday!

  1. It happened!!!!! Do you realize you have gotten 200,711 hits to your Blog? I have been watching that number everytime I go to your web-site and I was just hoping you would hit 200,000, but you have exceeded that. I want to congratulate you, sorry, I would present you with a celebratory pie, but I am geographically unable to do so, we’ll just have to wait until I am on the East coast.


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