Wedding ring set

While the Enforcer Of Rest did require me to nap today, I was allowed to work for a few hours.  I finished these up.

A wedding set, combined for a width of 8.5 mm.  The diamond ring is a variation of my Champagne Kiss Ring, with a  modified bezel so the Kiss Ring can sit neatly atop the wedding band.  The client wanted the rings in 18k  with a hammered finish.  I suggested, as I always do, that he let me make the wedding band at the same time as the engagement ring.  When hand forging this is particularly important because it allows me to create a perfect match in size and texture.  I’m really pleased with how the rings turned out, as is my mother who kept wandering away with the diamond ring on her hand.  Bad Enforcer Of Rest!

wedding set
Champagne Kiss Ring, in 18k, hammered, with modified bezel

When I created the CKR and the Simple Diamond Ring (a heavier version), I hadn’t envisioned them as engagement rings, but I’m thrilled by how often they’ve been used that way!   Beauty doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive, and I love that I’m offering something both beautiful and affordable;  customizable, elegant, simple, handwrought pieces that any man would be proud to propose with, any woman would love to wear.  It makes me feel like I’m part of a couple’s good start. 

Good luck dude, I bet she’ll say yes!


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