Monster time!

Monsterbling time! 

Yes, yes, I know.  I haven’t posted pics of the pendant, and I will.  Cripes.  Nagging naggers.

For those of you riddled with self-doubt, let me go all Art Mommy on you for a moment. Ready?  Close your eyes and picture me holding a plate of brownies and wearing an apron.  In person I look just like a young Sophia Loren,  or maybe Penelope Cruz.  Go with that image.  And for those of you who have sent me emails telling my how hot I am?  Make sure I’m fully clothed under that apron, K?:


Pookiepants, of course you can draw/sculpt/photoshop/sew/knit/needlepoint a monster!  You’ve always been so talented!  Remember when you were little and you used to play with Legos for hours and hours?  So creative!  And I know I had to take your crayons away because you wouldn’t stop eating them, but before that?  You drew the most beautiful pictures!  Remember how we had one of your pictures made into a Christmas card, and everyone just raved about my little Picasso?  I was so proud!  You’re brilliant! 


But I guess if you  had your eyes closed you couldn’t read all that, huh?  And you wouldn’t be reading this, either.  Hmmm. 

I’m monstrously excited about the contest (see what I did there?), and I’m looking forward to plastering the walls of my studio with the images everyone sends in, so….get sending!

Enter early and often, and the more the merrier!

The rundown on the contest is here.


One thought on “Monster time!

  1. Katie,

    Loved the poem you posted, beautiful. Very wise words from the man who wrote the piece and I know I need to be reminded of those things he wrote about, often. Well, I am hoping that you are over your rough spot and moving on to hope and peace. Take care of yourself. JP really enjoyed talking with JS, he said, ” what a great kid.” JP did wear the jumpsuit for YEARS! I got used to it and he looked good going to work everyday in his pajamas. However, now he wears camo almost everyday, I kind of am envious that he doesn’t have to waste any time on thoughts of what am I going to wear to work today, is it clean, is it ironed, etc. etc. Expect another entry from me soon for the Monsterbling contest.


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