Slightly Illegal

One day until stuffing, One day until pie, But again with the turkey? Blogosphere, I can’t lie.   I’m tired of Tom, Nothing personal, dude, But I’m sick of your gobble, Your wattle, your snood.   Is it time to consider Another holiday option? A brand new tradition, for culinary adoption?   Something new, yet familiar, Might appeal … Continue reading Slightly Illegal


Blogosphere, I might be a genius.  After almost a year of using Big Cartel to host my online shop, I’ve realized I can offer discount codes.   Mensa, how are you functioning without me?  You must be struggling so. And so, if you enter the code CHRISNUKAH at checkout, you will receive 20% off your purchase … Continue reading Chrisnukah!

Notebook Casanova

As Riley packed his backpack this morning, he announced that he needed another spiral notebook for science class. “Another one?” I ask.  This is the third notebook this year. “Yeah, the other one fell apart.” “What do you do to them, Ri?” “The covers just keep falling off!” “That’s because you’re not treating them right,” … Continue reading Notebook Casanova


I head upstairs to stop the latest altercation between Ri and Matt. Through the years, my boys have shown me that they can debate, bicker and all-out fight over the most ridiculous things.  They fight about what went on in each other’s schools on any given day, even though they all go to different schools.  They … Continue reading Seriously?