Monster update!

Blogosphere, keep your pants on!

Some readers have already sent me monster images, including two pictures of mothers-in-law.  Naughty!  For those of you who sent those?   Your secrets will go to the grave with me, my cheeky little ducklings. 

But I don’t want you to waste all that creative fabulousness.

Tomorrow I will post the Official Everything about the Monster Bling contest: dates, rules, ideas, parameters, the whole McGillicutty, enchilada and shabang.

So, what am I waiting for?  I’m waiting for two stones to come in so that I may choose which one to dangle like a carrot in front of your wee little noses.  I’m also trying to figure out the best way to receive submissions… snail mail?  Attached images in email?  A group flickr pool?  I’d like to avoid contracting computer VD by opening attachments. 

So, hold tight while I puzzle the details out!  But keep thinking about monsters while you hold tight….


One thought on “Monster update!

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