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New Ruby pendant

Look!  Look at the new pretty!


A 1.52 ct  SI Ruby, set in a slightly Etruscan-looking handforged setting. I’m not sure “Ruby” should be capitalized, but I’ve decided that’s how we’re going to roll at Vaka Design.  Rubies deserve it.

Beautiful Rubies glow.  That, with their color, is what they are prized for (is there any royal crown, in the history of ever,  which doesn’t include a ruby?).  The silky glow for which rubies are famous is caused by tiny threads of the mineral rutile, which  are naturally occurring in the stone.  Rutile is terrifically refractive and highly dispersive.  In common speak?  Rutile does awesome things with light.  Rutile’s natural inclusion in Ruby turns a red stone into a glowing, silky, gorgeous thing.  Thank you, rutile.

 I am really pleased with this, and have several other stones I intend to set similarly. In fact, I’ve decided to have a sapphire pendant in this style be the carrot for the Monster Bling contest.  More on that soon…..


4 thoughts on “New Ruby pendant

  1. gorgeous, I will have to work on my monster drawings, I will have to draw on my inner artist (I am not sure if I have one) but it is worth looking for, maybe I will surprise myself. Keep your fingers crossed.

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