Opals: who knew?

6 thoughts on “Opals: who knew?”

  1. Great photograph examples of Opals from Australia you have on your wordpress.com page , I was the last man to work with the brothers that found the largest black Opal in modern times, from the capital of the black Opal industry lightning Ridge Australia. You can view images of the Guineas book of record Opal which is known internationally as the Halley’s Comet and is over 2000 carats at http://www.grahamblackopal.com .
    You are also welcome to use our images of Opal gem stones from our web site for your wordpress.com page.

  2. Opal is my Mom’s birthstone and the ones you have shown on your site are gorgeous! I had no idea that they could be so colorful, I thought they only were milky white with just a little bit of color. Wow.

    1. And those are just one type! Carla commented that she likes boulder opals, which have some intense color play, and Jean linked to African opals, which are white with strong color play.

      Opals can get really, really expensive, but all the stones shown in this post are in the $50-$150 range, and are solid opal (always check to see that it’s a solid stone). It’s totally doable.

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